Saturday, 23 October 2010

To give, or not to give?

So if anyone saw, or managed to get hold of the Nails Inc one day deal last week. This is it. A total bargain for £25 (saving £85), or less if like me, you used the 20% off code.

 I intentionality purchased this a a Christmas present. But as opened the box and oooohhhhed and ahhhhhhed The Boy announced "you are never giving that to someone.  You are going to end up keeping it".  Initially, I was a little prickled, but now I think he could be right.  I don't think I will be sending this off to Father Christmas just yet. I might just keep them here... with my collection. Well, for now anyway! I guess we will just have to see.

The colours are just divine.  And certainly would be a welcome addition to brighten up a winter wardrobe or to add a little party pizazz to an LBD.  

Colours shown above are Buckingham street (sparkly hot pink/silver glitter), Eden Grove (bright teal creme, although it looks more blue in this pic) and Shelton Street (festive gold glitter). I really hope the glitter polishes are densely packed. They appear so in the bottle, but you never can tell until it's on the nail.  Given that I am not sure if I will part with this yet, I'm not prepared to road test them just yet. 

Next colours are Maple Street (a gorgeous metallic chocolate) this is a really beautiful colour, probably my favourite from the set. And then there is The Vale (deep plum creme) which is not dissimilar to Paris (Nails Inc/Diet Coke polish) and Piccadilly Circus from Nails Inc regular line.   

Then comes Dean Street (classic red shimmer) which reminds me a little of Aspen. Berkeley Square (grey creme) and Duchess Street (royal purple creme).

And finally there is Montrose Place (iridescent hot pink) and Eagle Street (nude creme).  I think there is something for everyone and every occasion in this collection. 

I just thought I'd include a few close up shots of the colours that were really eye catching.  I'm still undecided if I will give this as a gift or not, but if you get this from me at Christmas, know that it was very touch and go!! 

Have you started thinking about Christmas presents yet, or are you super organised and are all sorted?


  1. I was so tempted by this set but it came the wrong side of payday for me so I missed out :o( I'm not sure I'd be able to give it away either! xx

  2. Beautiful set! Did you have someone in mind to give it to, or just buy it as a pressie, not knowing who to give it to? I'm not sure I could give it away - perhaps if there are colours you don't like, you could give them away, but keep the ones you do like! xx

  3. There is no way i'd give that away if I owned it!

  4. You should def keep it! The MAC lipgloss set I bought was meant to be a pressie, oops! x

  5. Oh've put yourself in a right pickle there! LOL I purposely didn't get this because I knew I would end up keeping it all for myself. You could always keep a few of the colours and then use the rest to make up a couple of your own mini gift sets to use as xmas pressies.

  6. If you decide to keep Shelton Street i would love to see a NOTD - its such a pretty colour x

  7. Frugal blogger alert! Leanne you are being waaay to literal here. That is NOT one xmas pressie, its loads! Whack Maple Street and any others you fancy into your stash, quick no one will notice. Purchase 3 or 4 nice boxes, some tissue and some ribbon, pop 1 or 2 or 3 polishes (depending on how many your stash NEEDED) into each and Lo! gifts galore. Who wouldn't be thrilled with 2 Nails Inc polishes, only people who knew that they missed out on getting all 10, that's who!

  8. What a lovely set! I love Eden Grove and Maple Street. I didn't go for this one as I have a few from the bottom row of the set, I suppose I could have given them away for Christmas but I didn't think of that at the time! I'd be interested to see what the glitters are like, they sell them separately I love the gold one! x

  9. Eagle Street looks like such a nice nude!

  10. That set is GORGEOUS! It would be hard to part w that set of lovelies! I love Eden Grove- I am so weak with teal shades! Maple Street is stunning too, can't wait to see you try these on! x jeanie

  11. Definate keep for me, I do this all the time, buy for some *imaginary friend* and believe me they are imaginary because non of my real friends have any interest in make-up or nail varnish - and keep it for myself, even when I buy stuff for my Mum or sister, I have to make myself pack it up straight away, and even then I have been known to undo the packaging and use *oh the shame* Nice post. Jan x



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