Friday, 1 October 2010

Its a Lush Life!

They shouldn't let me out of work early. And to be honest, it't not something that usually happens. I'm normally still there when the shops have closed!  Anyway, I was released from the shackles of employment and went happily skipping off into the sunset (well, it was early afternoon).  I made my way towards the train station and that I caught sight of someone with a Lush bag.  Immediately I re-programmed on board sat nav and I was off in the direction of Lush.

Now, there's a story here. As there always is with me. I have a love/hate relationship with Lush.  Whilst at Uni I worked for them as a Christmas Temp one year. I was treated in a bit of a shabby manner, so I left and went to work for Sainsburys - oh the heady heights of putting yourself through a University education!
And while a part of me harbours some angst about Lush because I really wanted to love working there, I cant help but go in there every now and then.  And this is what happens!!  I haven't been into Lush for, oh I can't tell you how long.  So I was overdue a visit.

First up, the new Mrs Whippy bath ballistic. There was some talk of this being a strawberry milkshake/ice cream scent, but to me this is just a Lush(and I can honestly tell you that I used to come home swaddled in this scent. In my clothes, my hair, my skin. Everywhere! Me, I like it. Some people, not so much!)  I can't pick out anything that's particularly strawberry. None the less, it's very nice.

The So White bath ballistic is another new addition to the fold.  Or at least it's new since my last visit. This is an apple scented mini ballistic.  I can't quite decide if the scent reminds me of apple shampoo or some kind of washing powder.  I don't mean this in a bad way though. I really like this one. It's nice to have something a little different from them and the label says is produces snowy froth. We shall see.

Cinders is another gem in the ballistic family.  Warm, spicy and comforting and not a million miles away from Karma. Perfect for as the nights start drawing in.  I'm looking forward to a soak in this one.

The Fizzbanger made me instantly think of Gok Wan (who I adore!) for his obsession with "bangers!".  This is another apple scented product.  I'm liking this thread Lush.  It's a really clean and refreshing smell.  Nice to have something a little different.

I've never tried Happy Blooming bath melt before, but it looked interesting.  I'm obsessed with anything cherry flavoured/scented so I was instantly dawn to this. You just break off a chunk and throw it in a warm bath.  The addition of calamine to calm the skin makes for an interesting twist. I imagine this might get a bit slippy in the bath afterwards. But I'll report back on that once I have been dipped.

Candy Cane bubble bar was an inevitability.. It smells mouthwatering and like marshmallows. A real sweet treat. 

And so to Creamy Candy Bath bubble bar.  I have loved this ever since it was launched.  Not dissimilar from Candy Cane  except it's more fruity vanilla scented . I love this one!!

More sweet treats for me. They keep this hidden until the run up to Christmas.Snow Fairy is a lovely. fluffy, girly shower gel that The Boy is also quite partial to... I'll be keeping this hidden!!!

Last things (I promise!) are a Snow Fairy Lip Tint and Maple Taffy Lip Balm. They were cute, smelled nice and were by the till as I was paying.  Don't judge me! A girl can NEVER have too many lip products. I should know...

Finally, is it just me or does anyone else keep their Lush goodies in their knicker drawer to make all your underwear smell nice? No, just me then!


  1. I have a love hate relationship with Lush as well because I remember Cosmetics to Go....and Lush just isn't the same. Still they do sell henna and that is in their favour. Looks like you got yourself a good haul there. Thanks for the post. Jan

  2. Wow!! thats a good shopping spree! I can almost smell the products through the laptop he he! x

  3. Spooky mind reading bath related post here! Had some lush stuff once, didn't love it and my wallet thanks me! That said Maple Taffy lip balm sounds like it should come with a super tiny spoon!

  4. Snow Fairy! Oh how I love this shower gel! Great haul x



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