Sunday, 10 October 2010

I'm done with: Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream and TBS Monoi Miracle Oil

(Apologies for the crappy pic!!)

Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream (PCMC) - Is really one of the nicest moisturisers I've used in a long time. I got it in an Elemis kit from QVC a while back. And when I used it, I said to The Boy "Oh no! Bugger! I actually really like it!!!" So, he naturally gave me a confused look and asked why that was a bad thing. Then I told him that 50ml cost's £73.50!!!!!! See, then he was on my wavelength.  It feels really nice on my combination skin, it seems to balance and moisturise all at the same time. I like the scent and the fact that it's anti-aging. However, I do not like the price tag and this is a major baulking point for me.  So, as much as I like it and even though my skin actually likes it too, I doubt I'll repurchase it again, unless its in another reasonably priced kit. Sorry Elemis. It's out of my price range! If you did want to have a look at it, you can do here.

The Body Shop Monoi Miracle Oil - I love this! You can read about how much here. It's moisturising and has a beautiful scent which lasts for ages on the skin.  I have used it on the ends of my hair, although I do prefer Ojon Restorative hair treatment. It's still a really good multi-function product.  I think the Monoi Miracle Oil retail's for about £10 and it has lasted me roughly 5 months.  I haven't used it every day though.
 I think I will certainly buy this again. Well, when I next need body lotion/body butter - which in all honesty, maybe some time!!

What have you been using and loving at the moment?


  1. Hey hun I agree its very pricey, I was lucky enough to recieve a sample when i ordered my Papaya enzyme peel and it felt amazing on!
    I`m loving my new Once a Year massage bar from Lush! the scent lingers on your skin for ages! x

  2. It's lovely isn't it Sherrie?, but soooo expensive!! I haven't heard of that? Are you using it as a moisturiser? That's a great idea. What does it smelll like? x

  3. Eye shadow! Into it in a big way, after not really wearing any colour on my eyes for ages! Oh and Natural Source Butter and honey shower wash, after reading your "I'm done with..." post on it - you were right, tis lovely!

  4. It is nice isn't it? And cheap! It's usually on offer somewhere or other. What colour eye shadow are you going for Debbie?? And any news on the house? x



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