Friday, 22 October 2010

The Scent of a Woman: Benefit So Hooked on Carmella

Benefit So Hooked on Carmella is a fairly new addition to my ever expanding perfume collection.  I got it from vouchers that the MIL and FIL gave me for my birthday. It was one of those scents that I couldn't quite decided if I liked it or not.  I sprayed it every time I went into Boots and in the end I succumbed and got it.

So hooked on Carmella features:

Top notes of lemon, grapefruit and rhubarb. 
Middle notes of cyclamen, peony and tiare flower.
Bottom notes of vanilla, sandalwood and amber. (taken from 

 Now I wouldn't have ever said that I could smell lemon or grapefruit -  I don't particularly like either of these scents.  

What it does smell like, or at least to me anyway, is a grown up and fruitier version of the infamous TBS Vanilla Musk.  Oh yes, I was one of those girls.  After a Saturday shopping with Nic, I'd come home to my Mother (aka Parental Unit #1) telling me that I "smelt like a cake", well you know what, that was just fine by me!  I think there is such a warming, comforting quality to vanilla.  I like the scent of vanilla in baking, Yankee Candles and perfume/body products. I'm just a vanilla kind of girl. So shoot me! I also happen to love the scent of sandalwood and amber, so this is a total winner for me. It is a little sweeter than the scents I usually go for. But sometimes, I fancy a sweet treat.

Have you tried So hooked on Carmella? Are you hooked?

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  1. I'll have to look out for this...I'm a sucker for a pretty perfume bottle! xx



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