Sunday, 17 October 2010

I'm trying something Nouba, thanks to Chicky Spouts!

No one was more surprised that I was, that I won Chicky Spouts fantastic Nouba giveaway.  Having not tried any Nouba products before I was excited to give them a try.  So on Friday after a long and dreary week at work,  I arrived home to a little red card from Royal Mail, telling me that a parcel was safely stored in my neighbours (god bless Mavis and Brian). All thoughts of tea went out the window and a hurried over to retrieve my parcel.  Swathed in pink tissue paper the Nouba goodies emerged.

Thanks to Nic (aka Chicky Spouts) I received this stash of gorgeous Autumnal inspired Nouba goodies. I love the packaging, it has a feeling of NARS about it. Very classy!

The two eye shadows I received were Number 30 (top) which is a lovely taupe shade that is shot through with a gold shimmer to make your eyes pop.  I'll be test driving this on Monday at work. The other colour is Number 18 which is the most amazing bronze. I cannot wait to give this one a try, probably on Tuesday. I wont be able to wait!!!  Both colours are creamy, blendable and pigmented, although I would say the Number 18 shade is slightly more more pigmented. But with a colour like that, it needs to be! Each single shadow comes with its own mirror, which is really useful for makeup touch ups on the go. Consider me impressed.

Onto the Rainbow Eyeliner's I have Number 11 (left) which is a deep, rich chocolatey brown and I think (!) Number 56 which is a glitzy bronze shade.  Both a incredibly easy to apply and the brush lends itself to creating the perfect flick, well, it makes my amateur flick's look better anyway!! I'm even debating layering these two up. I think they would look great together.

Finally, I have the Lipstick in Number 55 which is a very creamy, buttery rust colour with a bit of shimmer. Initially, I was a little scared by the intensity of this colour, but having a play around with it, I've noticed it can be worn fairly shear or built up for a more dramatic lip. It really is super creamy and has a gorgeous vanilla scent to it.. Yum!

So here are the final swatches of the Nouba products. Left to right we have Number 30 and Number 18 (eyeshadows) Number 11 and Number 56 (Rainbow Eyeliners) and Number 55 (Lipstick). 

Thank you so much Nic (aka Chicky Spouts ) for the lovely goodies.  I have a feeling I will be placing a Nouba order very soon!


  1. These look lovely, I really like the shades too - especially the eyeshadows.
    The range is definitely very NARS-esque xxx

  2. Looks gorgeous, very gorgeous colours!
    I can't believe I have never come across this brand before, it looks great!

  3. Oh lucky you these look lovely, I particularly like the taupe shadow and the chocolate liner, very classy combo!

  4. I've never heard fo this brand before but those look gorgeous!



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