Sunday, 3 October 2010

Nail Delights!

Last week I stumbled across a great little website called Nail Delights that I think you nail obsessives out there might like.

I was looking for a Nail Polish Colour Chart as I recently realised that I have no idea what colours I have in my collection and I will admit that the idea of getting all my colours out and painting the charts is just too alluring - I know, sad!

I got 3 charts, they each hold 60 little 'nails' for you to paint. I probably only 'need' 2 but at £2.95 each I think it's good to have a spare, total bargain!. If you spend £10 you can have free delivery so I ordered two packets of nail stickers with little black cats on which I think my girls might like for Halloween. 99p each! As I ordered when they were on holiday and I had to wait a little longer for delivery they sent me some freebies; a packet of purple heart charms, some chunky looking glitter and 20% off my next order!

Here is a fuzzy close up of the cute cats!

The delivery was actually very speedy considering they had been on holiday, wasn't expecting my package until next week but it came yesterday. I think they are definitely worth a look if your a nail art fan.

What do you think of the colour charts? OCD fun or Dullsville? I personally cannot wait to paint mine but then I'm a colour code your Smarties kind of girl - Rock and Roll!!


  1. Oooooh I want some of those colour chart thingies. Told you that you had loads of colours that you had forgotten about! And the thing is, if your not using them, they can come and live with me... ;o)

  2. I love Nail Delights, I get all my nail art bits and bobs from them and they've never let me down! x

  3. Hi Bella, thats good to hear! I'll definitely use the again. I've spent the evening painting one of my charts with all my OPI colours :)



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