Friday, 1 April 2011

I Love My Little Bro!

My baby bro and his girlfriend are flying over the Atlantic as I type, headed for the Big Apple.  I had such an amazing time there last year celebrating my 30th birthday and so I'm incredibly jealous.

But my darling baby bro has appeased my jealousy and managed to snap up 2 of the MAC "look in a box" sets for me whilst mooching through Heathrow.  I couldn't be more excited about this news!  I have "Girl Next Door" and "Rocker Chic", well, when they return from their hols in NYC that is. I'll post more on these kits when I have them in my possession. *squeal*

I really hope that they both have an amazing time over there in NYC. I know I did!


  1. Sounds like a pretty bloody fab little brother, I don't have one but Emily does and I cant imagine in a million years that he would be passing through and airport and think "oh you know what, I bet Em would like these MAC sets"!! Lucky you looking forward to your post on these have a fab weekend x

  2. He's a good-un! Except when he was 4 (I was 8) he picked me up in a WWF wrestling move and hurled me down the stairs. Right arm broken. Both bones, 2 different places and about 4 operations to have it re-set! Nice!! LOL Oh how we laugh about that now...

    I did ask him to check the MAC counter at Heathrow if they had time and when he wasn't sure what I had asked about, the put me on the phone to the MAC SA. I was only getting one but he encouraged me to get both - naughty bro! Can't complain. I'm delighted. Just hope they have a good a time as I did.

    You have a fab weekend too Debbie. Enjoy your shopping trip x

  3. PMSL at the wwf move, thats a fab family anecdote! x

  4. I'm glad I amused you Mrs S!!!! LOL x



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