Sunday, 3 April 2011

Happy Mother's Day, Mum!

Here is a pic (sorry, a photo of a photo!) of me and the Mothership, taken probably circa 1980/1981.  She will probably perform a ritual sacrifice of her one and only Daughter if she see's this on the internet. Oh well, I'm going to take that chance to say Happy Mother's Day to my Mum!

And to all you Mum's out there reading this. Happy Mother's Day to you too!

PS - Nic, I hope that PD and the 3 Little Miss D's spoil you today. You deserve it lovely x


  1. Awww love seeing pictures like this :) (also love the little sailor number you are sporting, I did infact have quite afew aswell)!

    Hope you have a lovely day & hope your mum enjoys her present :)

    Fee x

  2. Thanks Fee. I was 30 years ahead of the trend! But how many times has the sailor look been popular in that time... loads I bet! Going round for dinner later on. You enjoy your day too x

  3. I am so loving these mother & daugther pics, so much so am tempted to dig a hungover Em out of her pit so we can pose for one together today! xx

  4. I feel like I'm cracking the Di Vinci Code everytime I log into this place :-(. Passwords fail me.

    Anyhew...awww what a little cutie you were/are. Love the dress!

    I have been spoiled thank you m'dear x

  5. @Debbie - get Em up. We want to see pics!! x

    @Nic - Awwww good. I'm glad you have been spoiled. LOL thinking about you trying to crack a big safe. It's only blogger Nic!! LOL x



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