Monday, 4 April 2011

No7/Poppy King Lipstick

So you must have been living under a rock if you haven't heard about the No7/Poppy King collaboration to create a beautiful range of 7 wearable lipsticks.  I had two of the £5 vouchers stashed away ready to make my purchases and so I went for Glamour and Power - making them £7 instead of £12 each.  If you check out the product videos, you can also see the make up looks that celebrity MUA,  Lisa Eldridge has created for No7 and the gorgeous Keeley Hawes.  This includes a full product listing.  I'm building up a shopping list and it's all Lisa's fault!! 

Anyway, back to the lippies. Glamour has taken inspiration from the 1950's and screams femininity with it's flirty pink shade, whilst Power is a shade inspired by the 1930's and was created to celebrate women's inner power.  It's a raspberry shade that I think would be flattering for all skin tones. It kind of reminds me of Viva Glam Cyndi.

I haven't used either shade yet, but when I swatched them in-store they appeared to be fairly sheer, but buildable and they were quite creamy.  Their diminutive size is something of an advantage.  I like the fact that they can slip into a side pocket in your handbag.  But you've all seen how much crap I carry about with me, so this should ease my back pain somewhat.  I also really like the satisfying 'snap' when the lid is replaced.   It feels quite safe, for want of a better word.  You wont end up with bag fluff all over the bullet when you go to apply.  Always a bonus!

Anyone else tried these lipsticks? What colours did you go for?


  1. HI! new follower here : ) these look so juicy and gorgeous and summery xx

  2. I did look at these on Saturday but my heart wasn't in it, I just so wanted a Clarins gold cased lipstick! But I do want to see Glamour in use to see what I am missing! x

  3. I wanted to try these so much but having *the fear* of the SA, I have spent most of my spare time in Boots ready to pounce when there is nobody about, but to no avail. I did manage a quick duck under the radar and sploge on one or other on the edge of my thumb (?) sort of by accident in a "oh no miss I don't want to buy a lipstick, it just sort of fell on my hand" kind of way but the shade was immediately rubbed off. I must grow up and not be such a wuss. Thanks for this. Jan x



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