Thursday, 21 April 2011

Pink to make the Boys Wink: From one extreme to the other!

I bought both of these lipsticks at the beginning of the month, whilst out with Sarah (@Sarahln).  And neither of which I have worn yet!  Isn't that awful? 

First up I got Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Colour in Mod Pink (£16) described on the Bobbi Brown website as "A bright pink".  I guess this is something that I am going to wear on a daily basis, to add a bit of colour to my face.  That is, when I remember that I have it! I love it. It's such a beautiful colour.  I did have other pictures of this lipstick, but they keep uploading to the blog at funny angles. So I gave up after the fifth attempt.

And I also succumbed to MAC Impassioned (£13.50), which is an amplified lipstick that is described as "amped up fuchsia".  I initially wanted a bright Spring/Summer lipstick - and boy did I get that!  But having got this one home, I've been a little cautious about what to pair it with.  Hence the reason why I haven't worn it yet.

  Needless to say, the lovely MUA Kenneth Soh was on hand and gave me some fab advice (and a bit of confidence) on how to actually wear it.  His suggestion was to pat it onto lips with my finger and add a touch of gloss to finish the lip look. Keep brows defined and pair with just a simple slick of mascara.  Keeping the look very fresh and all about the pout.  So as I am off out tomorrow night to see Peter Kay, that is the look I am going to try out.  The Boy will be surprised! 

Please tell me that other people buy things, get them home and then are too scared to use them? I really hope I'm not on my own here...


  1. I don't get them home and am too scared to use them, I get them home and realise they are vile and would never suit me - Revlon Mink anyone?! I think the MAC applied as described is going to look amazing. Is there even a teeny tiny chance of a photo of it "in the context" of your face - an expression which perfectly describes what is going on but never fails to make me chuckle! Happy Easter hun xx

  2. Those are lovely colours! I'm afraid I'm usually too excited about buying something to resist putting it on my face haha ^^ xxx

  3. Welcome to my club.... buy stuff and wait to wear it! lol

    Lovely colors though- can't wait to see you in them! Pix please x jeanie



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