Monday, 1 November 2010

OCC Lip Tar's ***UPDATE***

I've been wanting to try these OCC Lip Tar's for aeons, so when Nic introduced me to the Love Make Up website a few weeks ago, I snapped up a couple.

I didn't find the pictures very useful in helping me decide on what colours to go for. They are stock website images that don't show colour very well.  So, I turned to my fellow bloggers to help me out..  I checked out the colours and decided that I wanted a "classic" red and a winter berry shade.  So with that in mind I chose Stalker and Strumpet for £8.99 each.  You can check out the OCC Lip Tar's here.  There are so many shades to choose from ranging from nude's and berries, to blue, green and even black! If you are a MUA, I imagine these would be a really useful addition to your kit.  Being able to mix custom lip shades on demand would be awesome.

Don't be disappointed at the small size of the tubes, you get 8ml of product and that is tonnes, trust me.  I'll be honest, this product is going to last you for the rest of your entire life! Even if you used it every single day, you only need to use the tiniest drop of the product to get a very dramatic effect.  At first glance the Lip Tar looks just like a regular lip gloss, but a word of warning - they are nothing like lip gloss and you will need a lip brush to apply the Lip Tar. 

The consistency of the Lip Tar's are much runnier than lip gloss and certainly not sticky. In fact, I think they are a cross between a liquid lipstick and a lip stain.  They certainly are not for slapping on whilst on the train to work, otherwise you'll end up looking like coco the clown.   I think this requires a bit of precision application to get the finish just right, hence the use of a lip brush.  

 Stalker (left) and Stumpet (right) are incredibly pigmented and opaque, as you can see from the swatches above.  They also have a slight minty scent to them, which I really quite like, but might not be to everyone's liking.  These are certainly the kind of colours I would reach for to create a dramatic lip. They dry down to a kind of satin finish but could easily be made glossy with an application of lip gloss over the top.

  I have worn both of these shades to work over the past few weeks. However, I think that I personally would keep these products for use on evenings out.  That is more of a reflection on me, than on the Lip Tar itself.   I don't really like high maintenance looks, especially at work.  I barely have time to pee some days, let alone check that my lippie hasn't migrated all over my face.  Which is why I am obsessed with lip stains, but I digress and will save that for another post.  The Lip Tar's were surprisingly long wearing, but they would probably require a bit of a touch up throughout the day to maintain the original colour intensity.

If you fancy watching a You Tube video on the subject, I can totally recommend QueenofBlendingMUA who has several videos on the OCC Lip Tar's, including colour swatches and application technique.  You can watch those here, here and here.  You can also check out this video in which she reviews the colours I chose which are from the A/W10 collection.

Overall, I'm pretty impressed with the OCC Lip Tar's and certainly think I will add some other colours to my collection. Perhaps not black though!

Have you tried the OCC Lip Tar's before? What do you think?

***** UPDATE*****

So I was asked for lip pics by Debbie and Jan, so here they are. I'm a good girl and do as I am told!!  I was a little haphazard with the application but you get the general idea, don't you?

So on the left we have the OCC Lip Tar in Stalker and on the right is Strumpet - both pictures are taken with flash.

Ladies, does that help?? x


  1. Fab post, love how busy you are at work!! They look terrifying although with a deft hand and a brush I guess you could make them work but I'm with you, they'd be very much a night thing rather than for during the day. Would love to see them in action on your lips??!

  2. I shall have a go! Your wish is my command Debbie.... ;o) x

  3. I am on the fence about these, love the pigmentedness and hate the pigmentedness - I know that like you have said these would require a high level of attention that I just don't have nowadays, they do look great colours and yes I am joining the campaign regarding lip pics please. Thanks for the post and the up and coming lip pics ;-) Jan x

  4. Very voluptuous and sexy, I now have lip envy as well!

  5. Awesome review! These sound really interesting although I have to admit to being pretty lazy when it comes to lip products - I usually stick with a fairly dull slick of gloss during the day because I drink loads of hot water and hate the thought of ending up with it smeared all over my face - I would happily give these a try for a night out

    The colours you've gone for are fab and I like the way they look pretty matte but not like a regular lip stain. Oh and the Love Make Up site looks awesome! I've saved the link cos I'm too skint to splash out at the min and dont wanna torture myself by finding loads of awesome products that I absolutely have to have! :)

  6. @ All Made up - they certainly are an odd consistency, but once you get over the initial shock it's fine. They dry to a satin finish but they are still a little glossy looking. That was my first order with Love Makeup, but I think Nic has used them a few times. I was certainly impressed in my dealings with them ;o)

  7. My god you have amazing lips, how damn sexy is that pout??! its traffic stopping with those lip tars on too! Thanks for the pics, you are a good girl indeed! I know for certain now that they are way way way beyond anything I could carry off but are stunning on you!

  8. Why thank you Debbie! Shame about the rest of me!!! lol. I'm sure you could carry them off. They do lots of other colours. Not all of them are super extreme. I just happened to go that way... x

  9. Both of these colours are gorgeous. I particularly like strumpet. I haven't tried these yet but Strumpet would definitely be the sort of colour I would go for. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and swatches.
    Jane x



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