Thursday, 18 November 2010

Nails: New Arrivals

Look at these beauties!

I came home from work to find that my eBay nail varnish mini haul had arrived from the US of A. Whoop Whoop! And so while I've just jumped in the bath, I enlisted the help of The Boy to photograph my new purchases (Thank you x).

First up, is China Glaze Bogie (pictured above) and is taken from their Vintage Vixen collection.  As the name might suggest, it's named after Humphrey Bogart and is quite simply, a classic.  It is a gorgeous plum metallic.  It does look a little darker in the bottle, but that's just up my street.  I'm so glad I picked this one.

Also from the China Glaze Vintage Vixens collection, I picked Emerald Fitzgerald, a teal blue/green. In natural light, you'd be hard pushed to say this wasn't black.  Gorgeous. I love colours like this.

Essie Going Incognito is from their winter line. This beautiful jewel like green really jumped out at me. I have a scarf and hat in this colour.  Again, this a deceptive colour.  At first glance it appears to be almost racing green, but give it a bit of flash/natural light and you have got a gorgeous vibrant Jade.  I wear alot of black. So I get a feeling that this will be worn lots.  Looking forward to trying a bit of Konad on this over the weekend.  Would be the perfect base colour to show of white Konad designs.

Woah mama! Essie Smokin Hot is the most amazing murky guruple.  It's not quite mauve, grey or taupe. What it is, is seriously lovely.  If you like those dirty, muted colours. This one is for you.  Instantly I can list about 4 people on Blogger/Twitter/YouTube that will adore this colour. WBB, you are one of them!!

Currently on my nails I'm wearing William Tell me about OPI (Swiss Collection) which I adore.  I would have taken a pic, but its been on for a week and is getting a little shabby. Will try and do a NOTD over the weekend using my new additions.

What do you think ladies? Anything that has caught your eye?


  1. aaah Smokin Hot! I've pondered over this one for a while now and keep going to buy it then telling myself off because I have so many other murkies and grurples. BUT! If you say I must have it, well then what is a girl to do!? *opens up eBay* xxx

  2. ooooh, very nice selection! I adore the OPI polishes but they're a bit out of my price range... really love the Emerald Fitzgerald too cos it's so pretty but different from what most people seem to be wearing at the min :)

  3. @WBB don't blame me! I just think this is the kind of colour you usually go for... and I was right!! lol If you're hubbie starts to kick off that there is no room in the family home for you all, I am not responsible!!!! lol x

    @All Made Up - I never pay full price for these polishes, I get them from eBay for a fraction of the price. The seller I use in the States sells OPI for about £1.83, cheaper than all the high street ranges! The only problem is waiting a week or so for your order to arrive. But if you are patient, that shouldn't be a problem. This order cost me £16 with shipping. Bargain! Let me know if you want to know the seller I use ;o) x

  4. These are all fab although am very glad Bogie is a purple and not a green! Particularly like the Essie ones, have a fancy for Sew Psyched but would like to see it against Models Own Grace Green to check they weren't too similar. Looking forward to the NOTD pics. The Boy did good on the pics btw; I have never yet managed a nail varnish photo that was even close to the actual colour!

  5. Nice choices! I have the two Essie's on their way to me and I recently bought William Tell, which is gorgeous! x

  6. @Debbie - see it pays to have a Techie/Semi Pro Photographer around. He mumbled something about multiple light sources (he loves your pics btw) I wondered about Sew Psyched and then moved on! x

    @Snowdrop85 - The Essie's are gorge! Put Smokin Hot on last night. Will try and get piccies when I return from seeing Harry Potter at IMAX (soooo excited!) William Tell is divine. Bit like Nails Inc Victoria, except a little less red. It's classy, sophisticated and will go with any outfit. x

  7. Should have guessed that those pics weren't the random good luck of someone without a clue!!

  8. Haha! He's delighted with the praise! ;o) x



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