Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Today's High's...and Low's!

Being told by a Colleague " Wow, you look fab!" (and trying to suppress my natural instinct to think, does that mean I look shite the rest of the time?!?!?)

Horrendous day in work, period pains from hell,  topped off with me falling over and doing the splits in the pouring rain on a busy street and ripping my work pants (luckily not in a delicate and potentially rude place!). Mortified, but still finding it quite amusing until the mortification takes over yet again. Oh yeah, and then they cancelled my train. Grrrrrr

The Boy coming and rescuing me from the train station. I'm sure its because he didn't trust me not to do any more damage, but I was eternally grateful none the less.

Hope you are having a better day than I am. And if you are having a day like mine, I hope there is someone there to ensure your cloud has a silver lining.

Tomorrow is another day! Thank god!! Now, where is that wine.....


  1. Bloody hell, sounds like a nightmare - specially the splits in the rain, trouser trauma thing, poor you. And then lucky you to have the boy to swoop in and be your knight in shining armour. Just back from working 2 days at the Yorkshire Show, luckily trauma free provided you can cope with dealing with the public when you are hungover to hell!

  2. ouch sometimes it feels like the world is against you doesn't it :( At least you had positives, keep smiling :) x

  3. Thank you ladies, you were another positive aspect to the day! ;o) x



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