Monday, 12 July 2010

Calling all MAC Addicts, I need your help!

Top row - Embark and Charcoal Brown.
Middle row - Mulch and Sumptuous Olive.
Bottom row - Sable and Naked Lunch.

Isn't this a sad sight? A mostly empty MAC Pro Palette.

Ladies, this is my work in progress.  I'm trying to get together a palette of shadows that I can use constantly.  For day, for evening,  for work,  for weekend's. For anything!  The shades I have purchased/chosen thus far seem to be fairly neutral at the moment.  I hope that in time, I'll get another one for my crazy colours!

So this is where you come in,  I need some advice about what MAC colours should fill my 9 empty little voids?  What is fabulous?  What will I love?  What will suit my hair/skin tone/eye colour? (light to reddish brown/fair/brown)

As Nicola will tell you, I have a MAC shopping list as long as my arm (god bless the note's app on iPhone), but I don't know what should be an immediate purchase or what can wait.  Any idea's??


  1. I love Honesty and Blanc Type. Both neutral though but I'm a neutral kinda girl :) Blanc type is a great to even things out and as a subtle highlight.
    Sorry I cant rec bright colours, although I do want to buy Moons reflection, I think its beautiful but doubt I will use it very much. x

  2. If I were you, i'd get:
    Twinks, Antiqued, Romp, Shroom, All that Glitters, Bronze and Humid. They're some of my favourites :D xx

  3. Thanks girls, my MAC lust list grows evermore...

    @paws and pockets, I haven't seen Moons reflection. From the name, I imagine that its a silvery blue colour. Am I right? x

    @Lauren, I almost bought Twinks the other day and I love Humid!! What colour is Romp? Don't think I've seen that before? x

  4. I recently bought my first Pro palette and bought Naked Lunch, All that Glitters, Tempting and I cant remember the other one.... how bad is that?? ha ha!!!

    Sher x

  5. Well, mine is still as it is in this pic! I've been loving Urban Decay at the moment. So the MAC palette is not getting a lot of love. What colour is Tempting? I'm not sure I've heard of that one?! x



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