Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Nails Inc TSV. Decisions, decisions.

So I finally got my hands on the recent Nails Inc TSV.  Had it delivered to the Parental Units house, so had to wait a little longer for mine!

I love the idea that Nails Inc have mixed 2 collections for the QVC viewers. 5 full size (F) colours for the summer and 5 mini sizes (M) from their forthcoming Autumn/Winter 2010 line. I think it was about £25 for this collection and considering that a standard size (10ml) bottle of nail varnish is £10.50 in their shops/website, I think this kit is exceptionally good value. Thank you Nails Inc and QVC!

The stand out colours for me are Berkley Street, Leicester Square and Emperors Gate.

So, starting with the Green at the top, the colours are:
Berkley Street (F) a gorgeous "Tiffany" blue/green
Rosebery Avenue (M) deep rose
Lancaster Gate (F) fluro pink with blue iridescence
Thayer Street (M) taupe/greige 
England's Lane (F) pale lavender
Romily Street (M) cherry red
Montagu Place (F) vibrant coral
Emperors Gate (M) a fabulous stormy gray with greeny blue undertones. I cant wait to wear this!
Leicester Square (F) the most amazing purple
Swan Walk (M) baby pink with pink iridescence (they said on QVCUK that it was South Molton Street with shimmer.).

Which colours do you like??


  1. Aha! is that the response to my question on your nails in the b'day photo then - Englands Lane? I am desperate, like really really wall climbingly desperate for a pale lilac cream that doesnt come up pink or blue, have Nails Inc St Johns Wood which is a blue/lilac and quite dark and would be interested to see a side by side comparison if you have both?? Or I could just check in Leeds on Saturday!

  2. Awww you really must want a lilac! Well sorry to disappoint but its Melrose Avenue. I sadly haven't got St Johns Wood to compare it to. Maybe Nic has it her stash. Nic, have you??

    You could look for Melrose in the Hills Collection or have a gander at Palace Mews in the Sorbet Collection. This one is limited edition though. Here's the link and report back if you find anything suitable. I'll remain on the hunt for you Debbie.

  3. Check out A Grape Fit by OPI (Nic's OPI Haul post) or Chalk Farm (Nic's Nails Inc Hauling and Collection post) by Nails Inc. Also, she has a few colours like that in the 3rd pic from the bottom, in the same post. But she would have to enlighten you with their names. Happy hunting!



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