Saturday, 10 July 2010

Hurrah, its Beauty Day

I've been up early this morning watching Beauty Day on  Loads of lovely things have been aired so far.  Think I am going to be good and leave the Bare Escentuals TSV.  I have some similar eye colours (although not in a matte finish) and I have a stack of the brushes and mineral foundation to use up.  I do have to say that I love both the Buxom Glosses (Sugar) and the Flawless Definition mascara.  But as I am working my way though lots of things, I will remain restrained.

However, I cant promise that I wont see something I like later on in the day!  I am quite interested in the No No! hair removal system.  I've been looking at the Braun epilators on offer in Boots at the moment.  But maybe "total" hair removal is the way forward. We shall see.

Will you be succumbing to your OCD urges??

1 comment:

  1. Well in spite of my beauty spending embargo I found myself in Boots earlier with a pack of Nails Inc caviar base and top coat in my basket. And then because I decided that I needed to buy a hair lightening kit and a hair colour I put it back. How good am I? Now have £6.10 on my Boots card so will treat myself to them when that is £7!! Watch the blog for the bit now where I totally trash my hair!



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