Wednesday, 7 July 2010

MAC MSF in Stereo Rose

This was the one thing I really wanted from the new MAC "In The Grove" collection.  So I ummed...and ahhhhhed.  Went onto the MAC website.... put it in my basket.....ummed and ahhhhhed again.... then had to pop out.  After much thought while I was out, I decided that I did want it, went back on the MAC website and.... of course, you guessed it.  It was SOLD OUT!!!! Grrrrrrrr. Stupid me.

So on my birthday, we went pas the MAC shop. The Boy suggested we go in and ask, I was still annoyed with myself for missing out on the website.  Joy of joys, they still had a couple in stock!!! So The Boy purchased for me ( along with eye shadows in Mulch and Sumptuous Olive for my pallet, Yes, I'm spoiled, I know).

Now it looks totally scary in the pan, but don't be put off.  As you can see from the colour swatch below, it transfers onto the skin with a gorgeous rosy gold bloom.  I think its very flattering on my pale skin, but think it would still look lovely on a darker skin-tone.

Here is a little piccie of me on my birthday wearing Stereo Rose and drinking a Poison Ivy (which was divine!). I've worn it every day since I got it, think it is going to be my new summer staple.


  1. What a lovely, happy photo! You have fab skin and your Stereo Rose looks gorge on you. But what I really really want to know is what you have on your nails, looks a bit Nails Inc St Johns Wood, but am about to have a trawl back through your recent posts to see if I can spot a nail related clue!

  2. Thank you and thank you!! (all thanks to Max Factor Second Skin foundation and Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer!! hehe)

    I'm just writing something about it now! Recent haul from Nails Inc sale... its Melrose Avenue from The Hills collection. Wait till you see the others that I got..... ;o)



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