Thursday, 12 July 2012

Don't you just hate it when...

This happens!!!!!!  ;o(

Especially when you have a lot of new nail varnish to try!


  1. Aw this has happened on my middle finger, it looks so stupid but can't bring myself to cut the rest down!

  2. oh hell yes! Not least because I have an ubreakable rule that all nails must be the same length as my shortest, unless it is bleeding! You are lucky as you have long nail beds, as a retired nail biter with no actual nail beds at their shortest my nails are somewhere near my elbow! xxx

  3. Reformed nail biter here too!!!

    I've just sat and cut/filed them all down. They're short again now, but it will at least stop the urge to nibble on them. Sad times. I know you feel my pain ladies x

  4. Bloody hell you must have gnawed your nails very carefully! Mine will never look that good.

  5. Well wow! Happened to me one time and I just had to trim the others as well :(



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