Saturday, 20 August 2011

Super Quick Saturday Shopping

The usual weekly pilgrimage to Tesco got a little more exciting this morning.  We needed to go to Halfords for a new headlamp bulb.  Fortunately for me, the retail park also houses quite a sizeable Boots.  So while The Boy headed for Halfords, I made my excuses and ran to Boots.  

I had a Boots voucher (from my MIL and FIL) that was seriously burning a hole in my purse.  I must have been into Boots about 10 times over the last fortnight, each time I couldn't decide what to spend my voucher on.  I stopped short of using it to buy shower gel and Tampax! I wanted something nice for my Birthday.  Anyway, I finally decided on Givenchy Play Intense EDP.  Some of you may remember that I have been lusting after this for some time and although I absolutely do not need any more perfume, I went ahead and got it anyway.  

And because I couldn't just walk in, buy the perfume and walk out.  I found myself drawn to the Prestige display.  This is not something that is in every Boots (unlike, Bourjois, Revlon, Rimmel etc.) and having heard lots about the brand from American YouTuber's I thought I'd have a look.  To my joy (and my bank balance's horror!) All the Prestige make-up was half price.  Obviously that set off alarm bells for me.  Sounds like the brand is withdrawing from that particular Boots, if not all the Boots stores.

Ordinarily this would bug me.  I know I would get something, try it and then be annoyed that I couldn't buy it locally again.  Never fear, I will be hop, skipping and jumping across the pond in November (Thanksgiving Day, actually) and should I happen to love anything pictured here, I'll be sure to stock up!!!!

 I digress, I bought 3 mascara's My Longest Lashes, My Blackest Lashes and My Biggest Lashes which were all half price, making them a steal at £3.49 each.  I also picked up a lovely purple liquid liner (£2.30).  I'm loving purple at the moment.  My final purchase was another Revlon Just Bitten lip stain in Flame (on offer for £5.99).  I think I'll have to do a separate post on my obsession with Lip Stains.  A few lines here really will not cut it!

So there we have it.  The Boy got (and fitted!) the new headlamp bulb in the time I was in Boots (oops!) and then we scooted off to Tesco to complete the big shop.  If you've been shopping, let me know what caught your eye. Anything fabulous?

 Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!


  1. This looks like a great selection - I escaped from the mayhem on yesterday and spent an illicit hour in Boots just ooohing and ahhhing over everything, haven't shop shopped as it going and touching and looking in an age so it took a bit of getting used to. Not tried any Prestige but have heard good thoughts about it -I think the esteemed Mary Greenwell really rates the Prestige liquid liners. Sorry an essay as per. Jan x

  2. Lady, You're back!!! How fabulous to hear from you!
    I shall report back on the Prestige goodies when I've tested them. Hope you're ok?? x

  3. Hi there girl!

    Nice haulage! Report back on how you like everything! xx

  4. oooh, waiting for reviews on the prestige goodies if you find the time :)

  5. @Makeup Merriment - I will do just that! x

    @Y - any requests of what mascara to try first?? x



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