Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Sleek - Pout Paint's

Twitter is bad for your bank balance. Fact. 

I mooched onto Twitter in the middle of the day and noticed a few people mentioning the new Sleek Pout Paint's. So I decided to abandon my desk and managed to sweep into Superdrug and snatch up 6 of them to try. Now 6 may seem a little excessive, but these little beauties were £4.99 each and were on a 3 for 2 offer.   Thank you very much!!

So here are some very quick swatches for you, in case you plan on heading to Superdrug tomorrow.  I'm tired and my bed is calling me... Get on with it Leanne.

The colours I got, are:
  • 162 Milkshake (Peachy-pink)
  • 158 Rosette (Hot pink)
  • 161 Minx (Nude)
  • 153 Cloud 9 (Pure white - For mixing with the other shades)
  • 157 Pin Up (Classic red)
  • 159 Port (Plum)

The Pout Paint's are not dissimilar from the OCC Lip Tar's.  Incredibly pigmented and opaque with the smallest amount of product. As with Lip Tar's, I'd recommend the use of a lip brush as they stain like crazy.  I'll need to give them a full road test to report on staying power.  Simply put, I love them!  Lip swatches to follow.  Now, it's bedtime.

Night all ;o)


  1. I love the first 2 hun very pretty! They look super pigmented. I will have to have a nosey at these when Im in Superdrug next. I havent tried the OCC lip tars before. x

  2. i totally should have gone for minx. perfect nude shade to mix with other shades. love your swatches xx

    was so strange to read about occ 'dupes' on your ocd blog haha xx

  3. I've been dying to give OCC Lip Tar's a go for a while, so I may try these first to see if I like the formula and opaque coverage. Milkshake and Rosette look lovely in your swatches! x

  4. @Sherrie - I really like them. You'll have to let me know what you get! x

    @Liloo - LOL! I'm just about to comment on your post! Minx is lovely. I recommend it. x

    @Nat - The two OCC Lip Tar's I have in Stalker and Strumpet (see the popular post's on the right) are VERY similar to Pin Up and Port. The Slee version are a really good price and a little more accessible than OCC. I think I'll have to do a comparison now! x

  5. Awwww nuts!! Your post is making me spend more money!! :) I'll just tell the other half that they're £1 each so he won't shout at me! lol xxx

  6. @Ms Wedgie - now, now, don't go blaming me! hehe well, they are on offer and cheaper than a Lip Tar.... x

  7. Were you not tempted by the blue one? I can see why everyone goes so nuts for Sleek makeup!



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