Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Quick Nail Varnish Haul

I love eBay. Actually, let me just quantify that. I love it when The Boy uses eBay to source nail varnish on my behalf.  I'm not sure I trust it for anything else after my disastrous misadventure with the Konad plates.  Anyway look at what I've got!!

  • Nubar 2010
  • Orly Rage
  • Nubar Treasure
  • OPI Mermaids Tears
Keep an eye out for the respective NOTD post's soon.  I'm looking forward to trying these out, especially seeing what looks I can create with the Nubar 2010 topcoat.

I sincerely hope you're all having a better week than I am! At least I now have pretty nail varnish to attempt to make me happy...


  1. I love Mermaid's Tears. Great little haul x

  2. Thanks Zoe. I was pleased with it ;o) x



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