Saturday, 25 June 2011

The Body Shop: Honey Bronze Collection


Popped into The Body Shop the other week and made a few purchases from the Honey Bronze collection.  I've since then, stashed them away somewhere and promptly forgot about them... until now.

I bought both of the Honey Bronze Lip Nectar's in  01 Coral and 02 Sand.  Luckily for me, if you bought two products from The Body Shop make up line, you got to choose a free mascara..  I picked the Define & Lengthen, but I haven't tried that yet.  However, I can tell you about the Lip Nectar's and unfortunately I'm disappointed. 

The colours are beautiful.  Coral is opaque orangey coral and provides an instant pop of colour.  Sand is a beautiful barely there shade that would add a lovely sheen to the lips.  But I have to say they don't smell as nice as I'd imagined.  In a range called Honey Bronze, you'd expect a nice honey scent.  I can barely pick up any scent at all and for £9.50, I personally could think of better ways to spend my money on other brands of lip gloss.

  I think I was also further disappointed as the Hi Shine Lip Treatments I usually get are amazing. They look fabulous on, are moisturising and smell divine.  Maybe there was something wrong with the Lip Nectar's I purchased, so please tell me if that is the case.  Sadly, I will use the Lip Nectar's, but it will not be the beautifully honey scented experience I was imagining. 

Has anyone else tried anything nice from the Honey Bronze collection? Or The Body Shop in general?


  1. I really want to love Body Shop, but I have to admit that their products are a sort of hit & miss usually. For example, I adore their body butters, but I once got a blush brush (which was not that cheap either) and was quite disappointed in it.

  2. What a shame! Perhaps give them a ring and see if you can try another set? x



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