Thursday, 16 June 2011

NOTD: Nails Inc Montagu Place

What's nicer than a really bright colour for Spring/Summer?  Nails Inc Montagu Place is a vibrant pinky coral shade, that could almost be mistaken for fluorescent in some lights.  To me, this shade just screams 'sunny day'!

This was my polish of choice for the Take That concert.  Unfortunately, after a gorgeous day it decided to rain just as the Pet Shop Boy's were finishing whipping the 55,500 people into a frenzy before the main event.  At least the crap weather didn't last very long!

I knew something was going to go wrong.  I was just feeling happy with my nails. They were almost all the same length.  I'd loved and nurtured to them to an optimal level.  However, disaster struck as I was leaving work on Friday night. I was trying to get (naughty) Dora out of my drawer at work.  In case you are wondering, Dora is my Radley handbag.  No, I'm not mad. I haven't given my handbag a pet name.  I'm mad but I'm not that mad!  It's the name of the bag! Seriously, it is. 

 Anyway,  as I pulled Dora out of the drawer, my nail went backwards and if you follow me on Twitter (@LeanneOCD) then you have seen the TwitPic of the calamity that was my badly broken nail.  It was SO BLOODY SORE let me tell you!!

Now, I know me.  As a former nail biter, I knew I couldn't leave all the other nails.  I'd have picked/bitten them to death.  So I got home from work and chopped them all down to sort of the same length.  That was pretty hard to do. But I needed to do it properly, before I wrecked them and began the cycle of self loathing. So don't be surprised if my next NOTD début's stumpy little nails - Booo freakin hooooooooo!


  1. I hate breaking a nail!!! Love the nail polish colour though xx

  2. so depressing when you break one nail and the rest have to go! I feel your pain! x

  3. Ladies, it was so sore! You know what I mean though, you have to go back and start all over again or it just looks weird. It then looks odd with fairly long nails an then a super short one! x



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