Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Original Sin by Urban Decay @ Debenhams

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I happened to stumble over this little gem on the website and wanted to share.

  The Urban Decay 'Original Sin' (great name!) collection comprises of full sizes of the Original Primer Potion (affectionately known as UDPP to those in the know) and the Primer Potion in Sin - a gorgeous shimmery champagne colour.  At the moment you can pick up this collection for £15 on the Debenhams website here, considering that a single UDPP costs £12, this is a bit of a steal. 

I've only ever had the mini sizes of the Primer Potion.  As Urban Decay usually throw one in as a little bonus when you buy a palette - but they seem to last for ages.  God knows how long these 2 full sizes will last!! Years probably! 

UDPP has fast become a staple in my make up routine. Plus, I've wanted to try Sin for ages so this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Are you tempted by a touch of Original Sin??

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