Saturday, 12 February 2011

It's Beauty Day on QVC - Sunday 13th February.

Yes, I know.  I am the QVC Queen! But something exciting is happening at midnight that heralds the beginning of the infamous "QVC Beauty Day".

I got a mail shot this week from Laura Geller to tell me about her TSV.  The Femme Fatale collection is a five full size piece bundle of goodies that look lovely. The smoky plum eye-shadow trio is gorgeous.  I can tell you now that I wont be purchasing though.  As lovely as it looks I'm not in the market for any of the items in the kit. I'm working my way through products I already have.  Listen to me being all sensible. Must be because I'm 30! haha.

However, I was excited to watch this little piece of video from Alison Young, where she says there will be special offers, Easy-Pay's and Beauty Day prices to be had. Exciting!

 What I am on the look out for is a fab deal on Alpha H Skincare, particularly the Liquid Gold.  I will probably spend the day watching in my jarmies, as is the rule for Beauty Day in my house. I can't wait. I love listening to all the hints and tips from the brand representatives and the banter form Alison Young.

Happy Shopping, if you are in the mood for purchasing.  And if you're not, well Happy Sunday to you!


  1. Not that I am going to purchase, but wouldn't mind watching, but have no idea what channel to find QVC on??

  2. Here you go lovely ;o)

    QVC digital channels

    * Sky Digital: 640
    * Freeview: 16
    * Virgin TV: 740
    * Freesat: 800

    QVC Beauty - our dedicated beauty channel

    * Sky: 658
    * Freesat: 816
    * Online

  3. I have just turned over after reading this. I find Laura Geller rather amusing. I'm not entirely sure that's the idea but there you go! Thanks for sharing x

  4. Yeah, she is a little theatrical! LOL I've just noticed some great Easy-Pay's on the website. Off for a mooch... x

  5. Brill thanks hun, I knew they were having a beauty day and couldn't for the life of me remember when it was! Thanks, are you getting anything?? x

  6. I have had too much QVC of late so am steering well clear what with Leighton Denny at the beginning of the month, and various *cough* other products. Still my Mum is over for Sunday dinner later so I will probably have a look, I am not too keen on LG althought think she is great entertainment, the Balance n' Brighten is far to dark for me although I have heard she is to launch a porcelain shade somewhen late spring which would be good because even with her fair I am terracotta. Jan x

  7. Hi Sherrie - they had a special Alpha-H kit on offer as a Beauty Channel TSV. So I have got that to try after Caroline recommended it to me. Shall see how it works out and if I hate it, I can send it right back! Love QVC for that. You tempted by anything lovely?? x

    Hi Jan - I am EXACTLY the same! The last LG TSV I got in Fair and I still looked like an umpa lumpa. So I sent it back, even though I liked pretty much everything else in the kit. I did see that the Clarasonic is on 3 easy pay's of £50-odd so I guess that would be a good time to try it. Shame I cant really afford the initial outlay!! LOL We'll see if it still on offer after payday. Enjoy lunch with your Mama ;o) x

  8. Great blog! Love it the posts! Following :)

  9. hi
    what is the alpha h balancing cleanser like, interested in this as i have combination skin
    thank you

  10. @Beano54 - I'm actually going to do a review on that soon ;o)



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