Wednesday, 8 December 2010

My Change4Life & the Beauty Bloggers Christmas Weightloss Challenge: Week's 7 & 8 - Final Update

I'm not exactly sure where the time has gone, but it has been 8 weeks since the BBWLC began. I didn't bother posting any update last week. I stayed the same, was my TOTM and I was probably getting the start of this horrible cold that I have now got. In truth, I was very lethargic about the whole thing.  This week however, I lost another 4lb making that 

-13.5lb in 8 weeks!!

To say I'm delighted would be an understatement and I've decided that this week,  there are some benefits to this rotten cold! 

 I think that using the WeightWatchers system has made me think more about the kinds of food I am eating, portions and also realising that I don't have to deny myself anything, I can have a treat and still not fall off the wagon.  I'm not going to lie and say it's all been plain sailing. It hasn't. The change from Points to ProPoints threw me a bit of a curve ball.  There is nothing worse than learning a system, only to have it change 3 weeks in!!  But I can say that it has been easier than I thought.  Changing how I view food has been pivotal for me. 

 It turns out that I've turned into a bit of a "bargain hunter", deciding not to trade in my Points values on food that I don't feel is good value. Oooooh get me?!?  However, there are some occasions where only a Cadbury's Twirl will do. Bugger the points! 

So this is the end of the BBWLC and I'm delighted to have taken part in this challenge with all the ladies listed below.  Everyone has been so supportive.  I've loved the updates on Twitter. It's been a really positive experience and I want to take the chance to thank all the girlies for their support and congratulate them on their achievement too. 

However, this is not the end of the WeightWatchers road for me. I intend to plod along my merry way and see how I get on.  I won't continue to bore you all with the weekly updates though. I will spare you that much. Rest assured my journey is just beginning and I'm positive that this is the start of a Change4Life for me.

Gidders1 (via Twitter) 

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