Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Blast from the past: Avon Haul

Having heard so much talk of late about Avon, I was glad when my Mum informed me that a work colleague of hers was an Avon representative. I could have just ordered on-line, but I thought as I was feeling the "old skool" vibe ordering from Avon, that I'd like to have a browse through the brochure.. I used to spend hours looking through my Auntie's Avon catalogue as a child.  Ahhhhh happy days.

So, I got the SuperShock Mascara in black, as well as the black option of the much discussed SuperShock Gel Eyeliner.  As I am full of cold, I've not really had the inclination to have a play about with make up, or actually wear any at all.  I'm afraid I've generally been looking like a hobo of late. Hopefully normal service will resume shortly.  And while I can't tell you about how it wears on the eyes,  I can tell you is that I was rather impressed at the staying power of the gel eyeliner swatch on my hand.  I do have the tendency to have slightly watery eyes, but I guess I'll just have to road test it, although initial reports are good.

 I also picked up the In a Blink, Eyeliner and Shadow pencil in teal and a Ultra Colour Rich lipstick in the colour Pout.  I'm getting quite into lipstick at the moment.  I've always been a gloss girl, not quite sure what has exacted a change - dare I say it - my age? Who knows!  Pout is a lovely creamy nude.  Its an inoffensive, glossy neutral that would look great on anyone. It's also fairly low maintenance lip colour, which is a winner for any day I am at work.

(L-R SuperShock Gel Eyeliner, In a Blink Eyeliner/Shadow and Ultra Colour Rich Lipstick)

 As is often the case with Avon, I also managed to benefit from a free gift.  I got an additional SuperShock Mascara, Nailwear Pro in shade Romance and Spotlight moisturising shimmer gel.  If I'm honest, I would only end up using the mascara.  I'd love to try out the nail varnish, but it is just not the kind of shade I would usually go for and as for the spotlight gel - it is just something I would never use!

 I've already decided that these few freebies can be added to the ever increasing pile of goodies/essentials I've collected for Give and Makeup.  If you haven't heard about this non-profit initiative and their work supporting Refuge, I urge you to check out their website and offer your assistance in any way you can. It's for a great cause. 

Have you been revisiting the Avon catalogue recently? Any gems to report?


  1. Very retro of you! Em has had some Avon stuff which she really liked, cant remember what it was but I was surprised at how slick it all looked! Hope you are feeling better soon x

  2. Lol.. I love looking through Avon brochures too, though I rarely buy anything. I have ordered a black supershock gel liner & the mascara though (after hearing so much about it) - can't wait till they come now!! Hope ur feeling better soon x

  3. Thank you ladies. Today, I finally feel a little more human. Just in time for my weekend in the North East for my God-Daughter's birthday. X

  4. I love avon! Would you say that the Supershock Gel Eyeliner is good and worth buying?:) xx

  5. @Emily - Certainly! Even at full price (£6)they are creamy, pigmented and have really good longevity. At £3, which is what I paid, they are a steal! x

  6. Thank you! I just ordered one :) xx



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