Thursday, 8 December 2011

Nails Inc - The Wyndham Collection

Naughty Hannah (Snowdrop85) made me need this gorgeous Nails Inc collection when she blogged about her love for the Gossip Girl sets.   I have to admit, I've never seen Gossip Girl. I'm not sure I would know it if I fell over it, but I loved the look of the polish.

I was so good, I didn't cave in and buy it before I went on holiday.  But during one of my many, many visits to Sephora I noticed The Wyndham Collection sat on a shelf. Staring at me. Ah-ha I had birthday money, so I didn't feel bad about purchasing!  This cost me $20 (roughly £12-£13 odd) for a set that retails in the UK for £20 (just over $31) - Bargain!

You begin by laying down the blackened teal base colour and add the special effects polish to take the manicure to a whole different level.  Obviously, this polish is shown to best advantage in the sunlight (picture below).   I personally think its gorgeous in any light! You'll have to excuse the haphazard application and slightly dehydrated cuticles, but I was on my holidays!! 

What do you think about The Wyndham/Blair collection? Yay or nay? 


  1. The effect is mega-yay, the price is nay. :( I'm hoping that someone will see how awesome this is and create a cheaper alternative, just like the crackles and magnetics.

  2. Tee Hee! I'm so glad you bought it! Awesome price too, well done for being so good!! Do you like it? xx

  3. i dont get why the price is the same as in the UK, when its made in London!

    sure it should be $20 in the UK, and £20 in the states (in opposite currencies, ok i hope you know what i mean, i just sound like a plonker)

  4. Exactly Lydia! Nubar 2010 is a red/orange version of the topcoat. You can probably pick that up on eBay for a reasonable price x

    Bad Hannah!!! It is gorgeous, I love it - but you and I both knew I would!! x

    Totally agree Pretty in Pink, that's what I would expect but sadly it wasn't the case. We do get better colours and special collections over here though ;o) x

  5. oooooh thats lovely, have seen lots of the red/orange top coats & whilst I like them they are a bit samey, this is a whole other level and I want!



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