Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Boxing Day Bargains 2011

As is the norm for Boxing Day (well, the norm for me anyway!) I popped along to Boots with The Boy, to dispose of my Christmas vouchers (Thank you Aunties, Cousin, MiL and FiL) and didn't I do well?

With my gift vouchers I managed to swoop in and collect:
  • Loverdose 50ml collection
  • Loverdose 30ml collection  (and I got a bottle for Christmas from my Little Bro - I think I really love this stuff!)
  • Gucci Guilty
  • Guerlain Shalimar Initial
  • Stella McCartney Stella 
  • Estee Lauder Sensuous 

Then, by the power of Boots Advantage points ( I had just over 10300 points!) I treated myself to Elie Saab which I had really lusted after and Givenchy Very Irresistible L'Intense.  I love the original, so anything that had intense in its name, well I'm bound to love that too. Actually, I really need to just say how impressed I am that Givenchy steered away from the body lotion/shower gel combo for their gift set and treated it's customers to a roller ball perfume (Hello perfume houses! Why do we not have more of these in the UK... The Americans have lots of options for roller ball scents! Sorry, rant over.) which I personally love and a little candle. Total winner for me. Big thumbs up for Givenchy.

So that is my perfume collection sorted out for the rest of the year. Did anyone find any other amazing bargains in the sales?  I'll be out with my friend on Thursday, so I may unearth a few more bargains. Watch this space...


  1. you must love Loverdose!! i actually quite like it too, might have to look for it in the sale...


  2. Gosh over 10000 points!! You woulda spent like £2.500 in boots!! Although I Do love having points to spend though - Its like I must get something for free now with my points haha!

    Love you blog my dear! and all these trips to NY - Well Jealous

    I have just started my blog aswell - so check it out!



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