Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Black Friday at Bath & Body Works

On Black Friday, I entered Bath & Body Works with a little trepidation. I'm not sure what I was expecting.  Perhaps a stampede?  What I found was a whole host of lovely SA's and some seriously divine smellies.

 As I walked in I was informed that if I spent $40 (don't dare me!) you could buy a VIP tote bag of selected goodies for $20 that retailed for over $125.  Made great financial sense to me!  So I began sniffing and debating my purchases - whilst worrying about the weight of our luggage on the flight home.  The Boy told me not to worry, approved the choices and after a short while we headed to the till.

What did I get?
  • Dark Kiss Shower Gel
  • Dark Kiss Body Spray
  • Warm Vanilla Sugar Shower Gel
  • Warm Vanilla Sugar Body Spray
  • Black Raspberry Vanilla Shower Gel
  • Black Raspberry Vanilla Body Spray
  • Cozy Autumn Vanilla Shower Gel
  • Selection of Pocketbac's
  • Selection of Lip Glosses

I can't really tell you anything about these goodies yet, as I haven't put them through their paces.  The only thing I can say is that they all smell lovely and we didn't exceed our luggage allowance, in fact we were nowhere near it... I seriously could have bought more.  Watch out for individual reviews as I work my way through them.

So what was in the VIP Tote?
  • Be Enchanted Shower Gel 
  • Be Enchanted Body Lotion
  • Be Enchanted Shimmer Mist
  • Mistletoe Kiss Foaming Soap (this is the only thing in use at the moment. Well it is almost Christmas!! PS it's lovely)
  • Mistletoe Kiss Pocketbac
  • Pocketbac Holder
  • Liplicious Cranberry Kiss Lip Gloss
  • Night-time Tea Body Lotion
  • Mini Water Lily/scrub
  • Pump
  • Two small make up bags

 A total bargain for $20 I'm sure you will agree. I really hate that we cannot get this stuff over here.  This is yet another American retailer (like Sephora) that used to have stores in London/UK, but not any more. Please come back to Blighty B&BW! I beg you!

 I did quite a bit of beauty shopping whilst in Las Vegas.  However, my shopping was positively minuscule compared to Annabella (aka Skin Scrubs) who massacred the beauty aisles and taught me how to shop the American way!  Thank you my lovely friend Annabella, although I needed no encouragement! 


  1. I am insanely jealous! I want it aaaall.
    There are whispers that B&BW will be returning to the UK in the future...fingers crossed x

  2. Wow, just wow! Have just added "go to US and HAUL" to my bucket list!

  3. Oh right so it's my fault is it???

    Okay Guilty as charged, I'm so proud of your haulage! *wipes tear*

  4. Oooh really Georgia! That would be amazing!!! We'd be broke! haha x

    Debbie, I'll come with you! We could arrange a beauty bloggers shopping trip - how much fun would that be??? LOL x

    Yes it is your bloody fault Annabella! And let's be honest, you ain't seen nothing yet. I saved £ so I could splurge in $ ;o) x



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