Saturday, 15 January 2011

Philosophy 'Have a Cherry Christmas'

I am loving using Philosophy Have a Cherry Christmas at the moment.  I adore anything cherry scented so this was the perfect gift for me (Thank You Nic!x) and how cute is the little girl on the box? I've been using this in the bath and it makes the whole house cherry scented. Gorgeous.  

The Philosophy Lip Shines are amazing and this one is no exception.  They last a long time on my lips, they aren't sticky (although you know I dont mind that) and they have the most fabulous smell and taste.  Yes, I know you're not supposed to eat them!  I've got quite a collection of these, although the Have a Cherry Christmas lip shine has been coming to work with me each day.

Have you got a favourite Philosophy scent?


  1. this product seems great !
    actually i don't know that brand at all and have never seen it in shops in france nor belgium :-/
    the packaging is similar to the sephora ones though !

    i should maybe browse ebay to get a chance to try it !

    thanks for sharing !

  2. Hiya, never tried Philosophy - although on your advice was considering a bath product purchase for our move, that never happened! This sounds lush, love cherry anything too - apart from Cherry Coke, bleurch! x

  3. I love the smell of cherries! And the Philosophy packaging is so cute.
    Zoe x
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  4. Cherry! Must smell and taste yummy ^^

  5. BTW have tagged you for an award on my blog!

  6. Hi Leanne!

    I have the one from last year-merry berry and love it! It was a gigantic bottle that lasts forever!

    ttyl on the twit! x jeanie

  7. Sounds yummy... Smelled it in John Lewis and loved it. I have to say though, my fave is Margarita! Love that... Use it every day in the shower. Also loving the Makeup Optional Set! AMAZING... My skin hasnt been so clear since using that!




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