Friday, 8 July 2011

Birthday EOTD - A how NOT to...

My Birthday EOTD  - pretty colourful don't you think?

On Tuesday, Nic and I both turned 31.  And while Nic hopefully had a lovely day, I was (and still am) severely under the weather. I won't bore you with the details, but I'm having problems with wisdom teeth/abscess which I am now receiving treatment for.  Needless to say, I don't do anything by halves and I have also been very sick,  as well as in horrendous pain.  Hence my black and bloodshot eyes. Who gets black eyes from being sick? Well, I do! 

The Boy has been a total superstar taking care of me and has postponed my birthday celebrations until I'm well again - who knows when that will be.  That also means I've had to delay birthday cocktails with Nic. Not impressed!  Fear not, I should be back to full capacity and normal service should resume shortly...


  1. That shade's gorgeous on you! You didn't mention the brand though... ;)

  2. YOU POOR BABY!!! It's terrible to be ill but ill on your birthday??? So cruel! Sending loads of healing vibes and hugs - get well soon and happiest of birthdays!!! x jeanie

  3. wowow ouch! get better soon, and pop some vicodin!

  4. @ Glamorous Barbie - LOL!! EOTD courtesy of Mother Nature, I don't suggest you try it though. Not very flattering ;o)

    @Jeanie - thank you lovely lady! Impressive, don't you think? x

    @Lexa - thank you. If I could get my hands on Vicodin, I think I would have tried it by now. Where is Dr Gregory House when you need him ;o)

  5. Bloody hell hun thats pretty dramatic. Seriously you must have puked your guts up to do that to your eyes, poor you. BTW GFC somehow unfollowed all the blogs I followed, have rectified that now too! xx



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