Sunday, 5 May 2013

Nails Inc April Lucky Dip!

When an email dropped into my mailbox about the Nails Inc lucky dip, I knew I was going to purchase.

£18 for a selection of 7 'unknown' Nails Inc polishes is a complete bargain and an opportunity too good to miss. As you know, I've bought this before and been incredibly happy. But would I continue on this winning streak?

Well, yes and no. I think this included a really good selection of Spring/Summer appropriate shades. Sadly, I had quite a few of these already!

So what did I get on this occasion?

Southwark - bright blue cream
Knightsbridge Green - green cream
Cherry Road (Sprinkles) - lilac cream with blue, sliver and pink glitter
Draycott Place - orangey red cream
Grosvenor Street - bubblegum pink cream
Westbourne Grove - neon orange cream
Notting Hill Carnival - pastel lemon cream

Overall, I was a little disappointed to have received so many duplicates (Southwark, Draycott Place, Grosvenor Street and Notting Hill Carnival) from my collection. I guess that's the problem with being a nail varnish junkie. So the upshot is, that I think I'm going to finally acquaint myself with eBay and sell my dupes. I'm sure someone else would love to get their mitts on them.

Did you dip into the lucky dip?! What did you get??

1 comment:

  1. Well, I haven't tried Nails Inc lucky dip yet, but I will definitely check it out soon as you suggested. Thanks for sharing your ideas.



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