Monday, 27 August 2012

Harvey Nichols 'Beauty Bazaar' coming soon to Liverpool!

Okay, I might have squealed with delight when I read (thanks to British Beauty Blogger and Mrs Hirons) that Harvey Nichols are launching a concept store, namely a 'Beauty Bazaar' in my home town of Liverpool. How exciting is that?!?

A bit of googling resulted in confirmation that my thoughts of location were correct.  Harvey Nichols will take over the old Habitat store on Peter's Lane, Liverpool ONE.  This is a mere stones throw from the site of their 2011 pop up Food Hall that provided a great many wonderful treats in the run up to Christmas, along with several delicious Christmas gifts last year.

Anyway, back to the Bazaar! The ground floor will focus mainly on beauty, skincare and fragrance featuring all the usual suspects.  I'm particularly excited to discover that Tom Ford Beauty and NARS will finally be accessible to me, without hauling my arse to Manchester. This is amazing news for me, less so for my bank balance.  The Boy commented "well, you may as well just have work pay your salary straight to Harvey Nics!" What a great idea?!

The first floor will include a range of treatments and services, including the hotly anticipated BeautyMART.  Whist the second floor will be reserved for 'private' treatments such as waxing, tanning etc.  I'm also excited to hear about the Champagne and Cocktail bar that will be housed within the store.  I have a feeling Nic and I will spend a lot of time (and money) there!!

You can read all the in depth details in the press release here

The Beauty Bazaar is due to open in Autumn 2012 and I for one, cannot wait.


  1. This is hugely exciting - I remember reading about the beauty mart concept in Vogue back in April or May I think. I for one will be off to check it out come the autumn - see you there :)

  2. Oh Em Gee! I am so excited about this! I'll see ya there!

  3. Nor can I! Liverpool already has amaze balls shops but this is the cherry on the beauty cupcake!



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