Monday, 24 October 2011

J'adore Chanel

Quick show and tell from me.  I'm sure that everyone has seen these gorgeous Chanel Illusion D'Ombre eye shadow's and now I have one too! * Squeal* 

I finally succumbed and opted for the beautifully chic and wearable Illusoire (thank you Boots Advantage points!), however Mirifique is next on the hit list.  Is anyone else besotted with these?


  1. They are so pretty aren't they? I got this one and the khaki (not so keen on the khaki) but really want the bronzy one next. Have you seen Lisa Eldridge's video on Chanel Confidential featuring these? It will make you want them all! x

  2. Jen, please! Do not do this to me.... I've got a holiday coming up. I can't be splurging on Chanel!! But I might just google that video. PS, Hope the exams went well?? x

  3. OMG I need to stop reading anymore of your post ha ha! I want this as well now x



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